It’s Time to Say Goodbye and Thank You!

Well, it is December and the VPLL 1912 Project is winding down.  We started with very high hopes and an impossible dream.  And we got off to a tremendous start!  Unfortunately the overwhelming response that we received really was overwhelming.  It ended up with 10-11 hour days, 7 days a week for both Janyce and I just to try and keep up with it all.  We really did try and made it till the end of April, when life interfered and gave us both a dose of reality and that was that!

We did have a tremendous amount of help, but we ended up treading water just keeping up with things.  I had a tremendous staff and I would like to say thank you to each and every one of them that spent countless daily hours keeping us afloat.

We ended up with 754 participants, and I’m still tallying the rest of the totals.

But as a thank you to all that participated, we’ve decided to abandon all of the minor levels and give the downloadable patterns away to all those that participated!

Janyce ended up selling the VPLL, so the mail order links have been disabled for the moment. When I get the information on what is going on there I will post it.  All patterns that were created are under Available Patterns with a password protected link to a letter that will contain the pattern password.  (They are different passwords!)  

  • The password to get to the page is the same password that is in your Welcome Letter!
  • If you don’t have your Welcome Letter you can let us know below, but there is only Kim manning the desk now, so it may take a while.
  • The password to open the pattern is unique to the pattern.
  • You can download any paper size or the PatternMaker format and the same password opens all of the paper sizes for that pattern.
  • You can also take the .PDF file to a copy store with a copy of the Password page to get it printed out.

There will be some extra things for the top participants, so stay tuned for more news!



10 responses to “It’s Time to Say Goodbye and Thank You!

  1. Kim, many, many thanks to you! This has been a fascinating and fantastic year for me, thanks to you and Janyce, and the crew. I haven’t felt so passionate about a project for awhile… (Feeling a bit unhappy that a commission is taking me away from working on more pieces right now!) You have opened a door for many folks who will continue to explore what you have offered. I’m sorry you’ve had so very much work from all this, but you have in turn made a huge contribution to many! I submit this with great appreciation for all you have done.

  2. I want to thank you too! Through this project I have *met* many wonderful ladies, I have done things I would otherwise never even have dreamed of. I discovered and confirmed how much I love BIG HATS!!!! And iot took away my fear of them. I am sorry it ended the way it did… because things didn’t turn out very well for Janyce. Thank you, thank you for this opportunity… Fair well in your future endeavours and keep in touch with us all!! I hope to stay in touch with many of the ladies… Maybe even meet them one day! THAT would be fine!! :-))

  3. Hey, this was Pretty Special!! Who’d have thought I’d learn Couching & Broderie Anglaise in 2012?! Not Me! ;-) And altering by seam lines, not cutting lines, what an improvement!! Now I’m enrolled in a bunch of Craftsy classes, determined to improve, Thank You!! I hope all of us will keep on with this insome way, keep generating beautiful things! What a treat you have been, by sharing and by doing the organizing work directly– Big hugs to all!

  4. I just loved watching these garments come together. Please let us know how we can purchase some of the patterns. Oh how I wish there was a website to view all the works. Thank you so much for sharing everything!!

  5. Hi Kim,

    I don’t know if I qualify for anything since I only posted a couple times before my life starting falling apart in March of this year. I too had high hopes, bought many new sewing gadgets and fabric, along with lots of silk thread. I don’t regret any of the time spent on learning so many new historical and sewing “stuff.” My computer from which I signed up late last December and rec’d my welcome letter died in an angry fit that I’m ashamed to have had. I already had the princess slip printed out and redrawn so I didn’t need the code because I never made it to another pattern. Now I have no access code due to having no welcome letter. I have a user name of tnmomof7 and my poor neglected blog is under the name McKamey Maidens (after my four talented daughters). Do you have copies of welcome letters?

    I guess there was so much stress at home that I couldn’t handle anymore. I posted something six months ago that seemed like it opened up a can of worms with Frances and some others. That was not my intention and I sent $50 to Janyce for all her hard work. I agreed with the others who said that a mere $5 per week per person would greatly help ease the strain and show what a blessings this “purpose” gave me to keep trying against all odds. Lupus is getting the better of me

    Thank you for all your hard work!

    Blessings, Melani McKamey

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